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Pacific Grove


Covid-19 Update

Posted 2020-03-22 22:39:06 • news • news and events • special events

 Liz & Kelvin here - writing on this spring Sunday in March, when the outward world is showing us the normal - the season coming into full bloom, lush greens and vibrant flowers, while so many of us are living a very sobering alternate reality - business closed, income cut off, staying at home, the specter of contracting a disease for which medical assistance may be inadequate. We are getting used to this mental balancing act of accepting these temporary onerous changes but also trying to keep a normal going on! We send *heart* to our community. We are closed in both locations. (We may open for Fish & Chips takeout in Pacific Grove, in the future, when more folks venture out!). We have no idea when we will be permitted to re-open - fingers and eyes and toes crossed that it's soon! It is tough! We are having a hard time right now meeting basic expenses - business got slower all month and then stopped with no warning! After the winter months we do not have the cushion we do at other times of year, so we had the bright idea to ask customers to pre-pay a meal or 2 - and we did the math - if less than a tenth of the folks on our mailing list pre-paid a meal for two (about $150) then we could meet the most important expense of all - our payroll shortfall! Credibles. We set up a webpage on a site called Credibles (Edible credits - get it?) which helps small restaurants use grassroots support from customers to raise funds. The link to our page is here! If you feel like pre-paying your next meal with us - check out the page! And we are giving you back more credits than the monetary value you pre-pay, because we want to say thank you, thank you! Desperate times call for thinking outside the box! Thank you for visiting this page - and we fish you all the best!