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Pacific Grove


Great Plates Menu 6/14-6/20

Posted 2021-06-13 04:14:32 • news and events

Please note: Many of the people we feed have special dietary requirements and requests. We do our best to accommodate them all. The menu posted is the main menu for the day. If you are a person with special dietary needs, this menu will probably not reflect what is in your delivery, as we are making special meals for over 40% of our clients. Some of the menu items are listed with specific starches and/or vegetables. Others are not. However, all the dinner will have appropriate vegetable and starch components. Every day's delivery will also include a whole piece of fruit. We may make changes to the menu based on availability of ingredients. For our people who enjoy a plant based diet we sometime use analogues or meat substitutes when it is appropriate. Many of these products look like meat products. Please be assured that what you are getting is indeed plant-based. Our local suppliers this week include: Fort Bragg Bakery, Big Mesa Farm, County Line Harvest, Live Oak Farm, Spreadwing Farm Monday, June 14

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