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Locals Nights Wednesdays!

Posted 2017-11-16 18:17:50 • news • news and events • special events

From Nov 29th until May, we are offering our Locals Night Special - 2 courses for $35 every Wednesday, except for holidays. Dessert is optional for an extra charge of $11. The Wild Fish crew considers Locals Night a test kitchen night - a chance to try a few of the amazing array of fish recipes from world cuisine, and based on your feedback, they may go on our main menu. Only a limited number of servings are prepared, so it is advisable to pre-book either online or by phone and tell us that you are coming specifically for locals night. Some items may change. Our first 10 menus are below!

Cuisine Date App Main Extra
1.     1 Portugal Wednesday Nov 29 Basil Fig Salad Greens, balsamic citronette, shaved paprika smoked fish Cataplana Spicy seafood hot pot with white wine, fresh herbs, garlic, paprika Salame de Chocolate and 10 Year Old Port
2. Persian Wednesday Dec 6 Beet, mint , greens and Pomegranate Salad Tamarind Vinaigrette   Dried lime & root veg braise; Crispy cod Persian spice   Ice in Heaven
3. Malaysian Wednesday Dec 13 Kerabu Timun Spicy cucumber and pineapple salad with lime dressing, herbs, greens Spicy lemongrass coconut noodle Laksa with seafood   Bubur Cha Cha Pandan leaf, coconut pudding
4. Szechuan Wednesday Dec 20 Szechuan Vegetable salad with sesame-ginger dressing Dan Dan Noodles with Fish on a Stick Ginger pudding
5. Canton Wednesday Jan 3 Asian Greens Salad with coconut – goji berry dressing Ginger Scallion Steamed Fish with rice and veg in a bamboo basket   Sweet Dumplings Rice flour, sweet red bean paste
6. Brittany Wednesday Jan 10 Greens with Crème Fraiche, vinaigrette, mushroom ‘lardons’. Cotriade (Bretonne Fish Hot Pot) with croutons and pepper-vinegar dip   Sable Breton with coffee crème
7. Gambia Wednesday Jan 17 Greens with cayenne-groundnut dressing Fish Yassa - Spiced grilled fish with a lemon, mustard and garlic sauce, rice   Degue Spiced fresh cheese crème with mango coulis
8. Senegal Wednesday Jan 24 Salatu Fonio Herbs, greens, fonio, spiced cashews, lemon citronette Thieboudienne, rice, cassava, plantain, veg. Spicy pepper, onion veg stew in a tomato sauce. Passion fruit ice cream
9. Iceland Wednesday Jan 31 Salad board Root veg verrine with crème fraiche, herbs, house pickles, greens Plokkfiskur (Aromatic White Fish in béchamel with potatoes, herbs, shallots) Winter Berry Skyr Cake
10. Turkish Wednesday Feb 7 Ezogelin Lentil and pepper soup with mint Grilled whole fish stuffed with fresh herbs, charred mild chili peppers, cacik   Salep Dondurma   Mastic & Goat Milk Ice Cream